restaurant identity

D:OH All Day is a cafe + restaurant based in Andheri West. I worked in collaboration with SpiroSpero, a restaurant identity agency. When we began the work, one location was already open and branded by a different agency. The challenge we had was to work with the limited collateral and create something wholly new and authentic.

The branding consisted of some hand-painted murals, a digitally rendered ceiling panel measuring 14feetX3feet and a set of lamps. The digitally rendered panels were printed and then stuck on the wooden base.

ceiling panel drafts

draft 1

draft 2

draft 3

final draft

d:oh logo and character creations

The logo unit and main character were already created by the time I came on. What I did was to then give the main character a set of friends, people who would come and hang out at this hip joint and who personified the vibe of the restaurant. We then used these characters across all the in-house branding, murals and panel designs.


10 lamp designs were created. The lamps were originally large kadhais that were upturned and refashioned into shades. The idea was to create a fun new theme for each lamp that would be fun to engage with. Keeping in mind the spherical shapes, I designed each lamp with a little adventure in mind. The lamps themselves were handpainted in the brand colors and the characters and elements were to be placed as stickers.


Unfortunately the characters and stickers never made it onto the final output due to execution difficulties and the lamps hang as is in the topographical color schemes in the restaurant. 

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