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'adulting can wait' sticker pack

'Adulting Can Wait' is a fun sticker pack created for the 2018 Mumbai Zine Bazaar in collaboration with Tinder. The concept was made to be in line with their ongoing campaign targeting the mid-20's generation who is still learning to 'adult'.

We created little merit awards and badges celebrating the small victories in everyday life as one learns to adult. The Tinder flame was incorporated in each sticker in some way, so as to keep it subtle. 

The taglines were punchy, short lines which were brought to life using quirky fonts and accentuating doodles. We created five sticker dies, each die having three designs which were printed in the final pack. 

The sticker packs were distributed at the 2018 and 2019 Mumbai Zine Bazaars at the Tinder table alongside other printable goodies.

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