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jio conference 2.0
event Identity

Jio Conference is an internal online tech event hosted by Jio Digital Life. It brings together pioneers from different companies within the Jio ecosystem to talk about their experience and expertise within their respective fields.

For the second edition of Jio Conf in 2020, I was approached to create the entire identity and communication for all their platforms. Since we had a clean slate to work on, I started with setting up a fun, pop color scheme to really amp up the excitement towards the event. I also assigned a specific style of vector illustration which would complement the event in a more youthful manner.

Within the color scheme, I emphasized on orange and purple, with these being used with the greatest percentage across collaterals. This kept with the Jio branding, while not replicating their colors exactly. The rest of the shades were used as complementary aids to the creatives.


The event being completely online and remote, it was essential to establish a brand connect with the audience as most communication was done via email. I started with regular visual emailers, with information updates about the event. 

event posters

draft 1

speaker posts and schedule

The speaker posts are social media promotional images that were sent to each individual speaker to post on their personal platforms. To help identify each speaker, I assigned a particular color to each sub-category of topics and the individual cards were then designed by the internal Jio team.

For the larger announcements featuring all photos and topics, we distinguished the event managers, keynote speakers and event speakers with color blocks. The vector illustrations were then custom edited and created to define each sub-category and topics.

Using the above designs as a cornerstone reference, the final schedule was created to focus mainly on the speakers and their topics. Keeping vector illustrations to a minimum, we assigned an icon per topic and a master creative at the bottom of the emailer. 

The main objective of the final schedule was to be a reference point for attendees to easily identify and register for the topics that interest them. We added a '+' interactive button next to each topic which was then linked to the events Calendar link. This enabled quick registrations and updating of schedules for both, the attendees and the organizers.

Macbook Air 2020 Mockup-min.png

PPT templates

The final piece of the puzzle was to create easy editable PPT templates for each speaker to then edit and add content to. We carried forward the individual color schemes from the speaker posts and the vector illustrations from the schedule to create a cohesive design.

Each topic had a master title slide and basic internal templates with the type of talk displayed prominently on top of the slide. Keeping the rest of the slide blank and spacious enabled greater flexibility for the speakers to then add and edit as per their purpose. 

The 'Thank You' slide was a master vector to be kept consistent across all PPTs.


Thank you card & certificate

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