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I had the chance to work on a specially comissioned zine for the clothing brand Strey in 2018. The handbook was created to accompany Strey's Year 3000 Collection of clothing. The clothing itself is inspired by a lot of hip-hop and post-apocalyptic punk futurism.


I had the opportunity to bring onboard a writer and we collaborated to being about a fictional world wherein these characters resided and revolutionalized the system. The clothes are more than just garments in this world, they are an expression of the beings themselves.

To accomplish this, the brand shared the vector images of their new clothing line and careful effort was taken to replicate this collection on the characters themselves throughout the book.

A large part of this handbook is collaged with heavily treated photographs which are then drawn over using a Wacom tablet. The main cat and villain appear as prints on the new collection and were recreated for the story and all the rest are original creations. In fact, the two introductory figures in the concert are actually alien personifications of the brand co-founders.

The handbook was printed and used to promote the clothing line and brand identity across the country in various exhibitions and fashion environments.

photo inspiration and backgrounds


year 3000 clothing refs


founder photos v/s

handbook aliens

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