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the internet said so

'The Internet Said So' is a video podcast hosted by comedians, Aadar Malik, Kautuk Srivastava, Neville Shah, and Varun Thakur. The comedians discuss facts and trivia they find on the internet. 

The idea was to keep the logo bright and funky and incorporate elements of digital media. Taking the logo unit a step further, I created 8-bit digital caricatures of each of the comedians to be used in all the promotions and designs. The halftone overlay is to evoke the screen interface of old computers.

The bright colors and pop feel was incorporated to balance out the 90's elements and vibe of the logo. Using these base elements, the editing team was also able to create a fun opening animation for the podcast.

logo drafts

digital caricatures


logo unit


final logo applications

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