Siddhi Surte

Hi! My name is Siddhi and I'm an illustrator, printmaker and visual artist based in Bombay. I've completing my Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Santiniketan, and my Post Graduate Diploma at Ecole Intuit Labs in Bombay. My endeavour remains in bringing words to life through visuals.


I've briefly dabbled in advertising, working with the Merry Men agency learning the ropes of design. Since then, I joined ConsciousLeap, a wonderfully warm and nurturing self-help organization and together, we published my first full-length graphic novel, a 100 page monochrome - 'Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands - The Graphic Novel' which was released on the Mumbai Comic-Con stage in 2016. Apart from the graphic novel, I handled the editorial illustrations and all other visual identity for the company until June 2017. 


As a freelancer, I've worked extensively with SnG Comedy, a stand-up comedy collective based in Bombay where I've designed posters - two of which are featured on Amazon Prime Video (yay!), and also painted and conceptualised the interiors for their office space. I've also worked with The Gaysi Family which is a brilliant pro-LGBTQ organisation based in Bombay and collaborated with them on their annual zine, stationery and posters. In addition to that, I also consult the artists they collaborate with as an onboard design curator. I've worked with agencies such as SpiroSpero. Together, we created the interiors for D:OH, a cafe in Andheri.


Apart from commissioned work, I've made a point to develop my personal projects over the last few years. I self-published my grad zine, 'Mad Sounds' in 2016 and it is now part of Bombay Underground's travelling zine fest. 'Neonish' was my first series of work post-graduation and has since been followed by many such beloved projects. 'The Storyteller's Tarot' being one of the most extensive of these. The project I've most recently developed is called 'Morning Routine' and is another short zine based on my daily hourlong bus journeys to and from college.


I continue to freelance and draw, and to collaborate on projects which strike a chord with me. My aim is to continue creating beautiful, tactile works which fill people with joy each time they experience and interact with them.


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